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Peer Learning Workshop on Circular Business Model Innovation

17.04.2024 08:00 | 18.04.2024 18:00 Uhr
Marie Belpaire Building, Brüssel
Are you a natural circular startup eager to delve deeper into your circular business opportunities?mIn this 6th edition of PEERS4GROWTH, organized by Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) partners from the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, and Belgium, we provide invaluable support and opportunities for startups to advance their resilience and circularity for the future.

Collaborating with 12 like-minded entrepreneurs offers invaluable benefits to startup founders. It creates a collaborative environment to accelerate growth and overcoming obstacles more effectively through peer and professional support.


Our program will focus on strategic circular innovation, aiming to address your startup's primary challenges, industry obstacles, and market pain points.

We will delve deeply into the principles of the circular economy, with a specific emphasis on material effectiveness and the exploration of new value propositions. To facilitate this process, we will utilize the Loop-tool developed by switchrs, a business strategy card game. This tool enables us to seamlessly transition from theoretical concepts to actionable business opportunities tailored to your startup's unique circumstances. The workshop will revolve around identifying challenges, analyzing best practices through analogy thinking, and generating ideas that can be transformed into viable business concepts.

During the LOOP-workshop, each participant (company) will receive a card deck to take home, empowering them to continue refining their ideas independently.


An exclusive workshop is scheduled for April 18th, 2024, in Brussels, coinciding with the World Circular Economic Forum. This event will offer networking opportunities, workshops, and matchmaking sessions with startups and professionals, with additional activities on April 17th.


Our workshop welcomes startups from all industries, regardless of their age or business stage, as long as they demonstrate a commitment to circularity.

Participation in the workshop is free of charge; however, attendees are responsible for covering their own travel, accommodation, and other related expenses. For further details about our two-day program, please refer to our agenda.


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