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StakeholderA strong network

Only those who are intensively interlocked with other EU experts can be successful for their customers in the long term. For this reason, we have established a close-meshed network with many stakeholders that distinguishes itself through an established range of services for the respective target group Members of the stakeholder network are chambers, associations, business development and development companies as well as clusters and agencies.

These stakeholders use the NRW.Europa offers specifically for their own activities, contribute the feedback of their clientele for the continuous improvement of the service, carry out joint activities such as events, publications or specialist seminars with us and support the work of the consortium on a project-related basis.

 "We support NRW.Europa as a stakeholder because we are interested in the intensive dovetailing of existing service offerings such as events and publications on the subject of Europe for our own member companies."

Thomas Eulenstein, Managing Director Kunststoff-Institut Lüdenscheid and Chairman of the Supervisory Board ZENIT GmbH.

The Stakeholder Network from 2022


(This list is updated continuously)