Euro contacts

The Enterprise Europe Network database contains around 3,000 profiles of companies, institutes, universities and research institutions looking for partners, including many companies that are specifically looking for business or sales partners.

Are you looking for new suppliers, sales partners or do you want to expand?
The Enterprise Europe Network helps you to find suitable partners.

NRW.Europa provides access to this database. 600 partners of the Enterprise Europe Network from more than 65 countries enter new partner profiles there daily.

Upon request, we will publish (in consultation with you) your personal sales cooperation profile. The profile contains a short description of your company, your products and your requirements for the desired sales cooperation partner.

This is done anonymously, i.e. your company name will not be published! Only in case of a concrete interest between two partners and their agreement, we will exchange the usual contact data.

You can view a current selection of translated short profiles from the database here:


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