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NRW.Europa provides support in opening up international markets. In an individual and needs-oriented consultation, companies receive information on public financing instruments that accompany their activities abroad.

We offer:

  • Individual research and advice on suitable and tailored public funding and financing instruments at regional, national and EU level as well as in the target countries. The state of NRW and the federal government provide a wide range of instruments for this purpose. These include, for example, the development loans of NRW.BANK and KfW for projects abroad or grants for consulting services. However, attractive and interesting funding opportunities are also often available in the target country of the project. Our team looks back on a long and well-founded experience in research.
  • Objective feedback on projects and company documents from the point of view of a bank.The NRW.Europa team is an objective and competition-neutral sparring partner for companies.  With the critical eye of a bank, NRW.BANK's experts analyze company documents such as business plans and annual financial statements. The results, issues arising from the bank's point of view and suggestions, such as how to optimize presentation and financing structure, are then discussed openly. The aim is to prepare the company as well as possible for the meeting with the bank.


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