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Innovation ManagementBreaking new ground with innovation management in NRW

Innovations include not only technology and development, but also topics such as organization, financing, leadership, communication and cooperation. Anyone who wants to tackle innovations must be prepared to take previously unknown paths, accept mistakes and learn systematically from them. Future possibilities, but also current necessities, play a central role for innovations and thus also for the management of innovations. NRW.Europa offers services to improve the innovation performance and capability of and in companies. The NRW.Europa experts research, network, focus, discuss and support you through target group-oriented content and innovative methods.


Within the framework of NRW.Europa, the following services can be offered free of charge in an innovation management consultancy:

  • Potential analyses and identification of barriers to innovation
  • Strengths/weaknesses or also opportunity/risk profiles
  • Status quo and trend descriptions (technology, markets, players)
  • Implementation concepts and action plans
  • Technology or sales profiles
  • Process descriptions and procedures

The basis for consulting is an online tool for analyzing the innovation capability of your company. A self-assessment tool developed by ZENIT GmbH and an EU version are offered for this purpose.

About the innovation audit:

"The support provided by the innovation management consulting of ZENIT GmbH came at the right time for us. Thus, with the help of a NRW.Europa expert, we were able to design our processes in the area of development in a future-oriented manner with the involvement of all parties and document them accordingly. The focus on innovative products and a high process quality will also secure the jobs of our employees in the future."

Dipl.-Ing. Walter Schreiber, Managing Director of Westfälische Lokomotiv-Fabrik Reuschling GmbH & Co. KG



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