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Circular Valley is looking for startups in Batch#4 - Deadline for applications 07.10.2022

Created by Andrea Dohle, ZENIT GmbH | |   Nordrhein-Westfalen Lokalnachrichten


The Batch #4 of the Circular Valley Accelerator Programme is targeting Giga-Impact topics. It will start in December 2022. Around 15 startups will have the chance to take part and to benefit from the offers and support. Are you a start-up with giga-impact? Read the description to find out what is meant by this. Also note the deadline for the application is 7 October 2022.

Upcoming Batch #4

Batch #4 of the Circular Economy Accelerator is targeting 'Giga-Impact' topics. Material flows that are not measured in "kilo" or "mega-tons", but in billions of tons (giga), e.g., CO2, construction waste or wastewater. Or substances that, if left unchecked, even in small quantities, enter the environment and have a huge, "giga" impact there (e.g., neonicotinoids or microplastic).

Key data - What is important - timing

Link to further informations and for your application:

The 4th batch of the Circular Economy Accelerator will take place in Wuppertal, Germany, from early December 2022 until late February 2023.

Application deadline is October 07, 2022.

Additional Interviews, October 18-21, 2022

We will select up to 15 startups for BATCH #4 by November 1st, 2022.

Subsequently, we will inform the winning teams in order to organize their stay in Wuppertal.

The accelerator program will

  • start in December 2022
  • close at the end of February with the final Demoday on February 23, 2023


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ZENIT GmbH / Enterprise Europe Network
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